Being Single

July 26, 2009 at 12:10 AM (Romance & Relationships)

Do you remember as a child hanging out with your friends and thinking about your future of children and finding that perfect person and thinking it would all happen at a certain time? (well mostly girls talked about this) You think that everything will be perfect.

So, you mature and grow up and realize that not everything sparkles anymore. You have responsibilities and realize every guy you have ever dated is not who you want.

You try to figure out your life (you will always try to figure things out) and after many, many tries, you realize that you have to try for everything: love, work, money. Most of the time, you never get what you want, but what you need. You are always searching and trying, and there is always this glitter of hope that everything will come together.

I still have not given up on anything. In my short time, I have learned so much and know that I will constantly be working on myself and trying to find that “right” person. I have always thought I would be married and have children by now. I am glad I haven’t. This time I’ve had for myself has made me such a better person and I am constantly changing. I know that I will be a great wife and a mother to my future family. I also feel that being single is not bad at all. I am a strong, independent woman who now will not change myself or be someone else for a person. I am who I am. I will find that guy who will love me for me and I will fall in love again. It has been so long since I have fallen in love and I am ready to.

For all of you single ladies like me out there- be proud of yourselves, be proud of who you have become and never settle for less than you deserve.

Remember: What you put out there is what you will recieve, so put out your best thoughts and nothing but love for yourself. He is out there somewhere waiting for me and you and you will find him.

I have secretly felt and wish that love should be what we see in those old movies- hold on to that.

*Originally written February 7th, 2009


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