Joel Kosche is “Always Dreaming”

May 20, 2010 at 3:08 PM (Music, Concerts)

If you have been looking for a true story of someone who followed their dream and became a lead guitarist of one of the best, longest lasting rock groups then look no further!

Collective Soul is my favorite bands.  Their music is everlasting and true to my soul.  The songs speak to me and guide me through the hard times, and help me express my emotions to the ones I love and gives me inspiration to write.  Their dedication to their fans is sincere.  They care what we have to say and strive to make us happy; a lot of bands don’t do that.

Joel Kosche was a guitar tech in 1996 when the Collective Soul offered him the role of lead guitarist. This was one of the best things that Collective Soul has done.  Joel brings tremendous talent to Collective Soul. Joel knows his craft; his energy, skill and drive keeps bringing Collective Soul upward. Watching Joel play brings me to awe; his intensity is present and you can tell he loves what he does.  I’ve met him in person and I can tell you he is one of the nicest guys.

Joel founded the band Rhapsody and later in 1994,with other members of Rhapsody created the band Jovial Storm.  Years later, Joel fronted the band Steep in which he sang lead vocals. He also sang on “I Don’t Need Anymore Friends” on Collective Soul’s 2007’s album Afterwords proving to be a great singer and we the fans, wanted more of his voice.

He answered us in his debut album, “Fight Years” that will be released on June 15th.  The single, “Always Dreaming”  which will be available to download on June 1st.

You can listen to samples of the song on Amazon:

Fight Years Sample

His melodic voice along with the rockin’ guitar riffs keep me wanting to hear more.  We won’t be disappointed.

Please say hello and follow Joel on Twitter:

Visit his website to learn more about Joel and listen to his single, “Always Dreaming”



  1. linda Bartell said,

    Great blog Misty!!!

  2. Cathy Strachan said,

    Misty, thanks for putting my thoughts into your words!

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