A Little Peek Into My Writing- My Feelings

September 2, 2009 at 1:29 AM (Uncategorized)

As I embark on my writing, I feel happy to be doing it again but yet I’m nervous, anxious, hopeful and sometimes discouraged.  I have recieved a lot of encouragement, positive feedback and there are quite a few people who like what I have written. But along with that, I have encountered negativity and doubt. I am writing for the whole world to see. Some is my most innermost thoughts, others are interviews, reviews  and stories of my life.

I just wrote a short story called “Fluid” and I am proud of it.  I sat on it for almost two months before finishing. When I was done, I felt relief and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. (and I thank everyone who did read it, gave me suggestions and edited it) I did submit it and I will try to submit it to other sites as well. I would love to try a magazine, but I have to do some research on what types because my story is very dark and has a few “choice” words in it.  I want to start writing my novel, and I have the 1st few paragraphs in my head.  To be honest, I don’t know where to start with the research for it. It may call me to go to the library and spend countless hours.

Being unemployed is a blessing in a way because it gives me time to write and interview while I look for a job.  I would LOVE to freelance for a magazine or some sort of online publication.  I keep hoping that the right person will find my words and give me a chance.  I know I can’t wait on others to help me and I am very determined and won’t give up on finding what I want. I am capable of a lot of things and I know in my heart the path I’m on is the right one.

I know I will continue to hit adversity from many different arenas, especially with my writing, but I know I have the talent and the passion for it.  Not everyone is going to like what I write, nor is everyone excited for me.  I guess I want the ones closest to me to be excited for me and read what I write.  I want to make them proud, make them see that I can do this; they will see my novel on the bestsellers list someday and displayed in stores. Maybe they can’t see what I can see.  I can clearly see my novel cover on a display case and when I open up the book I can see my “thank you’s” and then my dedication on the next. I flip to the beginning of where the story starts and it reads:

” He looked up at the night sky after the act was done. Rain rolled down his face like tears. He smiled and the dark clouds rolled away to show the bright stars twinkling in so that it seemed that they were sending him a message.  He glanced down and saw the blood swirling around the pavement into the sewage drain taking it all away into oblivion.  The alley that was once lit up by lightning was dark again.  He smiles, looks at his trophy and walks away into the nebulous night.”

Then I go to the back of the book and see my picture and the “about me”.  I then smile and am proud of myself for my accomplishment.

THIS is my vision.  THIS is what I want.  It is within my grasp.

Thank you again to those of you who read my blog and also who has read my short story.  It means a lot to me and you will not be forgotten.

Never give up on your dreams,




  1. KATHRYN said,

    yeah! you can do it, dont wait,just keep plugging away at it….keep working the muscle to get you there. Ask someone for help with the research. How involved will the research be?

    • Misty Wilkins said,

      I’m not sure. I will know once I get into more. I don’t exactly want to say what I need to research here because I don’t want anyone stealing my ideas. I was going to go one direction with it, then decided to go another way.

  2. Jeremy said,

    Hey girl go for ur dreams the best part of you dream is the work you have to put into it.. I read fluid.. Let me know if you have anymore reading material.. Its better then anything I could ever write.. But it left me with some questions and a few things didn’t make sense to me.. But I am just a layman lol.. If ur curious to answer mt questions we can do that in private… And remember this supporters help exspand ur ability, crittics help edit… And both are needed…. Best of luck… Jeremy

  3. Tammy (@1twistedmind) said,

    You should be proud of “Fluid”. I really liked it!

    I wish you luck on your journey!

    Let me know if you have anything else you would like me to read!

  4. randomshelly said,

    I think the fact that you can see all of that happening is awesome! Shows you are probably on the right path! I like your stories and interviews! Keep it up – hard work always pays off.

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