Interview With the Harber & Miller Band

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Harber and Miller Band

I have a special treat for you today!  I interviewed the wonderful, talented Christian Harber of the Harber & Miller Band.

From their Myspace music page they are defined as:

“The quintessential southern rock band, but somehow never losing that small town identity that has branded them rock’s west Texas badboys. They’ve reigned as a genuine force of nature, boasting rock n’ roll’s concept of road warriors and show performances with songs like “My Release” and “Yesterday’s Fool”. Unleashing their songs at the beginning of 2005, the band seemed to capture a steadfast refusal to be just another southern rock band and will release a new EP winter 2009. 

The Harber and Miller Band defies genre sound and transforms southern rock and alternative rock with powerful, soulful vocals. The composition echoes the work of Lynard Skynard, The Black Crowes or even hints of artists like surround the style of Government Mule.”

The band members:

Christian Harber
Vocals & Guitar

David Miller
Vocals & Bass

Wes Korner

Juan Carlos
Lead Guitar

How did you guys get together and form The Harber and Miller Band?  When was it formed?

David Miller and I, Christian Harber, met at church sometime early 2005, few years before we actually started singing together.  One night I was playing “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi on the acoustic and David started singing harmonies with me.  I was immediately surprised and said;” wow, we sing really well together”.  We recorded our first CD less than a year later.

How long did it take for people to notice your great sound? (i.e., record deal)

We’re not really sure some people have gotten it yet…hahaha!  But our music is liked by the Gen Y and Baby boomer generation.  Our sound really defies genre.  We combine a plethora of styles from country down to alternative rock.  Our sound mixes our music preferences with a Southern Rock/Blues/Americana result.

What is your inspiration for your lyrics? How do you write them?

I (Christian Harber), I’m the songwriter and as cliché as it may sound, I’ve seen a lot and been through a lot in my life.  I realize that people struggle with different demons and different situations, much like me.  I think most of the songs I’ve written are about those battles.

Why are you branded the “Bad Boys”? Any good stories you can share?

Bad boys? I thought it was Baptist, LOL…just kidding.  We may be branded that but there’s nothing on the record that stands for it.  We certainly don’t follow too many rules but a lot of people say that we really know how to live.

What band do you most identify with?

Individually we all have way different flavors but together I think we can say that we…..have absolutely no idea!  What we do get is that we definitely defy specific genre but that our fans really enjoy the music we make.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  What hobbies do you most enjoy?

We’re Texas boys! BBQ and anything that gets us away from work and close to water or snow!  Just about anything; reading, movies, hiking, boating, tubing and having a killer time with friends and family.

Your new EP is coming out this winter; what should we expect?

We think this EP will finally showcase what our band is all about.  We’ve managed to pique the interest of serious music professionals, which we intend to, collaborate with in the studio.  This EP will definitely leave a deep mark in our music career with all the intention to not disappoint our fans.

So, when will you be coming to Columbus, Ohio so I can see you live and party with you?

That, my dear Misty, depends on just how well we continue our march towards our goals.  As soon as our EP is out, we have some marketing strategies that can possibly include supporting our EP in your area.  We would love for you to get to know us and enjoy a HMB night out with us “Bad Boys”. Thanks for interview, is our pleasure.

Please listen to their soulful, compelling music here:

Follow them on Twitter!

I hope you fall in love with their music like I did.

Thank you guys for giving me this interview!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!



  1. Derek M. Sheldon said,

    I love it very good article ….put together quite well!

  2. Kathey King said,

    Very good, Misty! I didn’t know you did this until I met these guys yesterday and they were telling me about it. I’m sorry I missed it. You will love them even more when you meet them. Their show was really great. They are all super nice guys with lovely families. Everyone was so nice to me.

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