Another Bump in the Road

July 28, 2009 at 10:19 PM (Life Lessons)

I am unemployed again…

I am very preceptive and for a month I noticed changes in the office where I was working. I can’t explain the feeling even if I tried. I also kept on getting the runaround about what I was going to be doing at the new place.

See, I was hired under the impression that I would work for the current company but I would move over to the new company once it opened. There were only 2 of us employees then and it was exciting to learn about opening up a new business. At that point, I was helping a lot; doing great work and feeling appreciated. But when new people were being hired on it seemed as if the dynamics have shifted and I was stuck in a proverbial hole. I was not included in meetings anymore, not asked for any input and my work load became nonexistent. I kept on inquiring about what I was going to be doing and no one would give me a straight answer. Also, the current company laid off almost all of their workers. I had a stronger feeling of discontentment and went to the owner (my boss) to get a straight answer. He basically told me that the current company laid off pretty much everyone, he didn’t need my skills and also I make too much for the new place. He allowed me to look for another job while I was there, but said he didn’t make up his mind yet and would let me know. He did not give me a time frame, so I assumed I had a little while. Well, that little while was a week.

I was laid off today. It was cordial and I didn’t get upset. He was very generous and inquired about my plans. He is going to try to help me find a job at a certain place.

For the past week I’ve been sending my resume out everywhere hoping to get a bite. Tonight, I filed for unemployment.

The road I’ve been on has been rough. This is the second job I have lost this year. I have made it through before and I know I can make it through this. I see the light at the end, but at this very moment, it seems dark.



  1. Cathy (catstrak) said,

    I think it was very unprofessional they way your boss handled this whole situation with you. I hope you got some kind of compensation as well. I hope you find something that is rewarding and that you truly love doing because it makes all the difference. I believe in fate and things happening for a reason so something good will come out of this for you. And there is always your dream business to keep your eye on too.
    You seem like a very strong, determined woman who knows how to bounce back from adversity and stay positive. I admire that about you.

  2. Tom Barnes said,

    I feel for you Misty; I haven’t known you very long, but you seem to be a strong independent woman. I get the impression you’ve been through worse times and you always pull through. I really hope for the best for ypu, a new career in writing and music and that business you want. good luck!

  3. Carey said,

    Great things are on the way for you! I know they are! You are an awesome girl with great potential! I haven’t know you long either but i know you will make it through this.
    Everything happens for a reason. One door closes so another can open.God only takes away in order to give us something better. We don’t always get to see the full picture.Yeah, they are all cliches, but I truly believe them.
    Things have a way of working out. And remember, I am in the same boat as you. I count you among my friends and I am here for you as much as I can be, being so far away.

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