July 26, 2009 at 3:27 PM (Life Lessons, Music, Concerts)


When I was in  Elementary School I decided to play in the band. For some reason,I chose the clarinet, but I really think it chose me. My friends were in the band with me, but they were not really into it like I was. I found I had a gift. I can remember touching the keys and clicking my tongue on the reed trying to get the notes precise. I found that I had a tremendous talent at playing. I practiced all of the time and my parents didn’t seem to mind all of the squeaks trying to hit those high notes. Over time, I was able to play beautifully. In Junior High I was 1st clarinet, 1st chair. Our band director picked the most incredible songs to play. I remember loving to play The Jurassic Park Theme and “Live & Let Die”. The instructor would give me solos to play and encouraged me to compete. I did, and I won awards. We used to march down the street during parades and during Halloween. My instructor asked me to play in the jazz band besides the regular band. I enjoyed, but was yet nervous playing in front of people, but our recitals were always fun. Jazz Band was my favorite; it gave me new experience and broadened my horizons. I felt accomplished in my abilities and proud of what I could do. My Freshman year in High School I was 1st clarinet right behind the seniors. I could have joined the Symphonic Band, but sadly, I had to move.
I joined the band at the new school and was 1st clarinet, 2nd chair behind a senior. Of course, he had to do that because she was the only senior playing a clarinet. He was astounded by my abilities. I thrived in that environment, but not as much back in Celina. Time came where I had to get a job and I had a boyfriend, and my dedication to playing the clarinet took a back seat. I just wasn’t interested anymore. To tell you the truth, I hated to march at that school. The Pep Rallies were fun, but something was missing. I just lost interest. I moved back, but didn’t join the band. I couldn’t. My little brother took it upon himself and ruined my precious clarinet. He didn’t know any better. I haven’t played since.
I keep on thinking about playing, it doesn’t escape my mind. I had such vast dreams about playing for an Orchestra someday and I am saddened that I have never done that. Once I get a job, or maybe even as a gift from someone, I am getting a clarinet and starting over again. I hope I can be the best at it again. Will it be like riding a bike? Will it give me peace again? Will I remember how to play and read music and hit those hard high notes again? I hope so.

*Originally written March 29th, 2009


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  1. Tom Barnes said,

    You have so much potential in so many different areas. I hope you achieve your goals! Good luck with your music!

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