Collective Soul & Gavin DeGraw at LC Pavilion on 7/11/2009

July 25, 2009 at 10:52 PM (Music, Concerts)

Saturday, July 11th, I met my favorite band, Collective Soul at the LC Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio.

Collective Soul at LC Pavilion on 7/11/2009 I heard their first single, “Shine” on the radio in 1994. I was falling in love then with someone and I fell in love with the song. From that moment on, I fell in love with Collective Soul’s music. They became a soundtrack to my life. Almost every important moment I remember, there is one of their songs that go along with it. Back then; I would have never imagined that I would meet them someday, see them in concert or interact with them on a social networking site called Twitter.

I decided to buy myself an early birthday present; a Meet & Greet Package for Collective Soul. I thought that I may not have an opportunity to meet them again. I could not contain my excitement! I was so nervous. I met a fellow Twitter friend and we both got there early so we could be in the front row and she even save me a spot in the front row; thank you Christine! While waiting in line for 3 hours, I got to know Christine better and met a few more friends from Twitter!

The time finally came for me to meet the band. I had my special VIP pass and went inside to meet them. They came out from the back and I was so worried I would stutter or say something stupid. I patiently waited. My time came, and I shook their hands (Ed Roland lead vocalist, Will Turpin, bassist, Joel Kosche, lead guitarist, Dean Roland, rhythm guitar), and when I got to Dean I asked him for a hug. (He gives the best hugs) They signed the Dosage cd insert for me and we chatted for a minute. I really didn’t know what to say; here I am with this band who’ve I adored for most of my life and here they were standing before me. But they set me at ease, told me not to be nervous and were the sweetest guys you would ever meet. It was time for me to go and Dean saw that I was nervous and gave me another hug. I really wished there was more time for me to hang out with them, but I was happy to get the time I got.

Collective Soul at LC Pavilion on 7/11/2009 I got to my spot up front; I was worried at first because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to squeeze through, but I did. By the time I got up there Gavin DeGraw started playing. I have never seen Gavin Degraw and to be honest, I knew a couple of songs of his but that was about it. I was very impressed! He sings and plays the piano with so much passion and energy! He interacts with the crowd and his band mates. I really enjoyed watching his bass player; he had some cool moves and the dandruff dance was pretty funny. Everything sounded great and the crowd was enjoying the show.

Next up, Collective Soul! To meet them earlier and now to be up front was such a high. They came out and the crowd got crazy. This outdoor venue was pretty much filled up. They started with “Welcome All Again” their new single from their new album which comes out August 25th. The album is not titled, but everyone is calling it Rabbit because of a rabbit on the cover. They played the old: “Shine,” “December,” “Tremble for My Collective Soul at LC Pavilion on 7/11/2009 Beloved,” “The World I Know,” the new: “Staring Down,” “You,” and the kind of new “Hollywood.” Ed brings such energy to the show. When I asked him in a live chat a few weeks ago he stated that he has and keeps all of this energy because he naps, takes vitamins and eats right. He gives his heart and soul to play music. You can hear it in the words and feel it from his voice. When he sings, you know he loves it, he loves to perform; he gives it his all. He gets the crowd to sing along and makes you feel like he is singing to you only. Ed is one of the best song writers, his poetry becomes music. Dean, Ed’s brother, shows sheer joy in playing. He smile is contagious, and he plays the guitar with brilliance. His talent is insurmountable; him jumping up and down and moving around, especially to “Hollywood” is such great fun. Joel, in my opinion, is one of the best lead guitar players. He blasts sweet music with his guitar and his energy and talent is like no other. Will is a great bassist and background vocalist; I especially loved his little dances. Cheney, their new drummer, drums with such intensity and admiration.

The last song they played, “Run,” was the best choice for the last song. The crowd sang along and Ed played his acoustic guitar. At the end, Ed continued to play as he walked offstage. I think it shows that the music will continue on even though the concert ended and to keep it in our hearts.

It was a great concert. Collective Soul puts on a great show and knows how to rock their fans. They are a great band who cares about their fans. This year, they joined Twitter; They follow back, have contests, post updates and pictures; ask for our feedback and reply back. They care about us. For the reasons all above, this is why Collective Soul rocks and will keep on rockin’.

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